Ljiljana Brajovic
Bechelor in Laws
Association Secretary

phone: (381 11) 2646 633


In our country, activities of the construction industry are being carried out through intensive housing construction, construction of public utilities, large industrial units, roads and  railways networks, oil pipelines, gas lines, cable railways, numerous tunnels, airports, ports, piers, hydro and thermoelectric buildings. In the past, construction industry contributed with about 10% of the GDP of Serbia, but its contribution significantly decreased in the last decade.

Association’s activities:

  • Gathering of all construction companies, architectural design offices, fitters and public utility companies, in order to define mutual interests and solve common problems.
  • Linking construction entities and commercial banks with the aim of negotiating loan terms for construction activities.
  • Initiating measures related to the criteria for granting contracting licenses, in order to prevent the unfair competition in construction sector.
  • Examining possibilities for continuing the Housing Construction Agency projects and construction projects in the earthquake-stricken regions.
  • Activities related to the restructuring and privatisation of major construction companies.
  • Cooperation with the Belgrade Agency for Building Land and Construction in finding locations for potential investors from the country and abroad.
  • Monitoring and harmonising development programs in the field of construction and building material industry.
  • Analysis of economic conditions and economic position of companies in this field.
  • Monitoring and processing statistical indicators for construction, project engineering and building material industry by groups.
  • Participation in the drafting of new laws.