Aleksandar Milosevic
B.Sc. in Economics
Association Secretary
phone: (381 11) 2642 778

Trade has a significant place and role in the overall economic development of Belgrade, considering its high share of the GDP (26%) and employment (15%).

On the territory of Belgrade, there are 56,300 active trading companies and businesses employing about 70,000 workers.

Belgrade trading capacities:

  • 26.300 shops covering over 3.5 million sqm (retail outlets, department stores, supermarkets)
  • 10 large shopping centres
  • Belgrade Port
  • Belgrade fair
  • Wholesale market

Fourteen halls of the Belgrade Fair provide 100,000 sqm of exhibition and business space. Over 45 regular fair exhibitions take place at the Belgrade Fair per year. The total offer of the Belgrade Fair is supplemented by a continuous exhibition – the consumer goods Bazaar.

Apart from the traditional ways of selling, new forms of trade are being developed, too (e-tailing, TV sale, catalogue sale, direct sale and alike).

 The Association's activities:

  • Assistance in escorting the ownership transformation.
  • Assistance to companies in introduction of the quality system under the JUS-ISO 9000 standard requirements.
  • Creation of Trade Industry Development Strategy
  • Organisation of expert debates and seminars for the purpose of supplementary training of all levels of staff in trade on the application of new technologies, better work organisation and similar.


Belgrade has the remarkable conveniences for tourism and hospitality development:

    • Natural conditions
    • Geographical and strategic position
    • Developed infrastructures
    • Rich cultural and historical heritage

The association coordinates and represents the interests of companies in the field of hotel and catering industry and travel related business.


Belgrade, the centre of the Republic of Serbia, is the city rich in history. As one of the oldest European cities, Belgrade is a vivid postcard, recognisable for its centuries-old heritage.

Belgrade is the city of museums and famous ambient units (Knez Mihailova Street and Terazije, the Republic Square, Skadarlija, the Zemun fortress, Ada Ciganlija and many others), the city of culture, with over 20 stages and as many concert halls, as well as the city of sports. It is certainly a city predetermined for the development of tourist and hospitality industry.

The hospitality-tourist infrastructure comprises 35 hotels, 3 of which are part of world-known 5-star hotel chains, 5 4-star hotels, 7 motels, about 2000 high standard restaurants, over 1500 travel agencies and bureaus.

The Association's activities: 

  • Monitoring operating conditions, results and realised turnover in the hospitality industry and definition of solution proposals for the improvement of economic conditions.
  • Coordination and assistance to companies in solving problems with a view to acceleration of the privatisation process, in modernisation of management teams and in attraction of foreign investments.
  • Activities in realisation of the Quality Mark project of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Intensive activities in organising the economic entities, within the framework of preparing significant sports and fair events.
  • Participation in creation of Tourist Industry Development Strategy proposal.
  • Coordination and assistance to companies in the process of harmonisation with new legal regulations.