Stevan Obradovic,
B.Sc. in Economics
Association Secretary
phone: +(381 11) 2643-284


Due to its geographical position on two navigable rivers, at the intersection of roads, railway lines and corridors, Belgrade has a special role and importance as a prominent southeastern centre, connecting Central Europe and Middle East. Therefore, all transport forms have been developed in Belgrade. Within the city territory, 1966 companies in total are registered in the field of traffic, with over 87000 employees.

Road transport

In road transport about 2500 buses intended for international, intercity, urban and suburban passenger transport are in operation. About 1.5 million passengers per day are transported in the urban and suburban transport. On the city territory there is a number of transport companies with over 2000 trucks, as well as a specialised motor pool for transport of various goods. About 1500 departures on intercity and international lines effectuate daily.

Rail transport

Rail transport comprises seven main railway lines intended for international traffic, as well as significant transport capacities with 15 stations, which are equipped with shunting and industrial tracks, central and automatic traffic control management and a container terminal for international transport.

River transport

River transport companies are equipped with vessels of various types and purposes, with total carrying capacity of over 500,000 tons. Belgrade Port – a complex by the Danube, represents a cargo and transport centre, covering an area of 120 ha with 290,000 square meter of covered and 650,000 square meter of open warehouses and a 44000 square meter container terminal. The Sava wharf accepts all types of passenger ships.

Air transport

In air transport "Yugoslav Airlines" operates on 39 domestic and international lines.  Belgrade Airport, with its capacity of 5.5 million passengers a year, represents an essential element of air transport that increases its importance in the transport network of Europe and the world.

PTT transport

The postal and telecommunications, with Belgrade as their centre, are linked with all telecommunications centres in the world and with their dynamic development lead to new types of services and integration of network and service.

The  Association strives to ensure for:

  • Belgrade BUSINESS COMMUNITY  - modern business information technology and computer networks for relevant business communication between partners in the country and abroad,
  • IT COMPANIES, members of the Belgrade Chamber of Economy – a favourable business environment for successful operations and fair competition, and
  • the STATE - a path to IT society. 


  • Creating  economic environment for the operations of IT companies, active participation in drafting regulations necessary in the ICT area.
  • Representing the interests of IT companies in strategic country development documents regarding the contribution this field may bring due to comparatively low investments, strong driving force and fast evaluation. 
  • Guidance in the understanding of potentials and competitiveness of products and services of highly skilled professionals in the field of ICT, especially in application software, engineering and consulting services,
  • Organised work and initiatives and a significant presence in the field of education for all levels of qualifications and permanent training both of professionals and users, and, especially, managers, ,
  • Guidance in the integration of IS ICT and the quality assurance systems and the environment protection systems,
  • Guidance in the development of IS in the area of support to corporate resources planning and knowledge resource management, on which the success of future companies will be based,
  • Active contribution to the development of business communications, as a prerequisite and element of business success and survival in increasingly demanding market competition,
  • Development of cooperation in the chamber system and in direct collaboration with the associations within the Belgrade Chamber and wider,
  • Paying due attention to the promotion and marketing of ICT products and services.