Vera Dostanic
B.Sc. in Economics
Association Secretary
tel: (381 11) 2688 088

Belgrade represents the banking and financial centre of Serbia. There are over 13,000 legal entities registered and over 20,000 workers employed in the sector.

Associations activities:

  • Continuously monitoring current economic policy implementation and impact of particular measures on developments in economy, particularly in the field of prices and the dinar exchange rate, as well as making initiatives for changes in the existing or adoption of new economic policy measures;
  • Considering measures of monetary and credit policy and their impact on the banks' business activities and economic conditions in the real sector;
  • Representing, harmonising and protecting common interests of its members and participating in the economy restructuring process, the financial sector in particular;
  • Initiating and monitoring realisation of particular projects of interest to the banks, insurance organisations and other financial organisations;
  • Keeping track of legal regulations in the field of banking, insurance and finance, and cooperating with state authorities in regulations preparation and application;
  • Monitoring the transfer of payment operations to commercial banks and launching certain initiatives and proposals for the purpose of a more effective performance of financial transactions;
  • Organising promotions and presentations of successful financial organisations and their business achievements;
  • Organising conferences, seminars, roundtables and alike, for the education not only of the employees in financial organisations but, first of all, of experts in companies, especially in small and medium-sized companies, and of entrepreneurs, with the aim of successful operations and development of companies and functioning of Belgrade financial market.