Milivoj Jankovic
phone: (381 11) 2641-355/108

Centre’s activities:

  • Coordination of activities related to the evaluation of economic and system regulations, in cooperation with Chamber’s associations and centres.
  • Presentations of new legislations in the business law area, in cooperation with Chamber’s associations and centres.
  • Organisation of public debates during the law making process, roundtables and symposia on economy related legislations.
  • Initiating amendments.
  • Advocating common interests of Chamber members in front of public administration.
  • Organisation of public debates, consultancies and lobbying events with the aim of improving the economy-related regulations.   
  • Preparation of materials of other Chamber associations initiating amendments to laws and economic and system regulations. 
  • Analysing and monitoring economic and system regulations and comparative legislation in stated areas.
  • Managing Chamber’s Database of legislation initiatives (recording, merging and periodical reporting).
  • Active involvement in working groups, commissions and public administration’s bodies.
  • Providing information and consulting services to the members and other interested parts, related to economic and system regulations.
  • Consulting in the area of business creation and promotion.
  • Publishing brochures, booklets and information related to economic and system regulations.
  • Nominating topics, for entrepreneurs’ education, related to the implementation of economic and system regulations. 


  • improvement, development and popularization of industrial and corporate security and risk management in companies;
  • monitoring effects and initiating necessary new measures for further   development of industrial and corporate security;
  • informing member companies about new regulations in the field of corporate security;
  • cooperation with all relevant subjects in creating safety of the entire community;
  • preparing and organizing educational seminars, conferences and other events on corporative security;
  • promotion of corporate security culture, improvement and promotion of its importance and impact on economy;
  • cooperation with scientific, economic and vocational organizations and institutions in the country and abroad;
  • development and strengthening of public-private partnerships in corporate security sector in the Republic of Serbia.