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Access to funds from foreign donors opens up the possibility of financing or co-financing of various projects. The funds are nonrefundable, but strict rules and procedures demand wide experience, know-how and expertise in project management.

The most significant external programs for Serbia certainly include EU programs aimed at supporting and strengthening cooperation between Member States on the one hand, and the potential candidate countries on the other. Participation in EU programs for Serbia, as a candidate country, represents an opportunity to become familiar with EU policies, the European institutions and laws and their application in practice.

Activities in the field of Project Management:   

  • Monitoring of domestic and foreign sources of financing
  • Providing information to members and other interested parties about the possibilities of using various funds
  • Networking with potential partners
  • Education, skills and capacity building in project management
  • Development of project idea, preparing project documentation and support in project implementation

Public- private partnership is a long-term cooperation between public and private partners, which ensures funding, construction, reconstruction, management or maintenance of infrastructure and other facilities of public importance and the provision of services of public interest, which may be contractual or institutional.

Activities in the field of PPP:

  • Providing information and education for local authorities on PPP importance and implementation possibilities
  • Information providing and education of local authorities related to capital expenditure funding by issuing municipal bonds
  • Networking with institutions and associations focused at establishment of PPP.