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phone: (381 11) 2642 166, 3614-355/103

The Centre’s activities:

  • Monitoring of operations and providing expert assistance to small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs (hereinafter: SMEE) for the purpose of improvement  of  their work and profession
  • Providing expert assistance to socially owned SME in relation to ownership transformation – privatization
  • Identification and testing of investment programmes in the SMEE sector and offering assistance in meeting the requirements for their realisation
  • Support to the development of SMEE in priority economic sectors that have the greatest economic potential: industrial production, processing of agricultural products, tourism and development of software industry
  • For the purpose of increasing the competitiveness of SMEE, both on domestic and foreign markets, encouragement of SMEE to introduce quality systems, innovations and to introduce management skills and capabilities
  • Encouraging promotion of SMEE products and production programmes and at fairs and specialized exhibitions
  • Providing assistance to SMEE in relation to securing locations for construction of new and enlargement of existing plants and better access to credits for SMEE sector
  • Providing business connections between SMEE with local and foreign partners and encouraging the sale of products and services of the SMEE sector on domestic and foreign markets by better links between large enterprises and SMEE (cooperation, franchising, greater participation of SMEE in public procurements, etc).
  • Encouraging potential SMEE founders and providing assistance during the setting up of new businesses and enterprises
  • Providing information of importance to modern SMEE operations (business premises market, credit and credit line offers, equipment market, etc.).

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Milivij Armus

phone: +(381 11) 264 22 77, 264 13 55 ext. 146

The Union of General Entrepreneurial Associations or, shortly, Entrepreneurial Union is an a form of organisation for Belgrade entrepreneurs with a long tradition in Belgrade Chamber of Economy. In order to better understand the role and operations of the Union some basic terms should be defined:

  • Entrepreneur - is a physical person who establishes a business and conducts operations independently;
  • Business – means a shop, handicraft or other workshop, service-shop, agency, studio, bureau for intellectual services, etc.;
  • An entrepreneur may set up only one business, but he/she can perform the activities on several premises on the territory of the same  different municipalities/boroughs;
  • The entrepreneur's liability is unlimited, i.e., unlike a company owner, he is liable for the obligations arising from the conducting of the business with all his assets;
  • General associations are established by entrepreneurs to protect their own interests, improve their operations and propose measures for the strengthening their economic and social position. General associations are registered in the chambers of commerce and industry as non-profit organisations with a legal person status, for one or more municipalities/boroughs (territorial principle), or for one or more lines of business (guild principle).

Unlike companies and other legal persons who register their firms with the competent commercial court, entrepreneurs register their businesses (have them entered into a protocol) with the municipality/borough where they plan to set up their business, in the Economic Department/Secretariat. Accordingly, an entrepreneur cannot be an individual member of the chamber, but can exercise his/her rights in this area as a collective member, through his/her general association.

General associations delegate their representatives to the Union of General Entrepreneurial Associations within Belgrade Chamber of Economy. Our Union currently comprises 15 general entrepreneurial associations for the territory of Belgrade, with the tendency to increase in number.

  Since entrepreneurs are the most active sector of our economy and due to the fact that there are more than 50,000 of them only in Belgrade, The Union, as their authentic representative, performs the following activities:

1.  promotes the idea of association of entrepreneurs and works on the increase in membership of general associations and improvement of their operations;
2.  promotes the private sector interests through the improvement of operating and business conditions;
articulates entrepreneurs' demands and initiates the regulation of the legal framework for their operations;
performs all activities contributing to a better business environment and encourages education and exchange of information.

A part of the Union's activities is carried out through the Board comprising representatives of all general associations registered with Belgrade Chamber of Economy.

In order to perform the above tasks successfully, The Union of General Entrepreneurial Associations cooperates closely with the Belgrade City Assembly, local authorities, ministries in charge of the legal and economic matters, The Republic Employment Bureau, employer's organisations as well as with other government agencies and non-government organisations which can assist in the creation of a better business environment. Moreover, the Union delegates its representatives to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Entrepreneurs' Union.

Within Belgrade Chamber of Economy, the Union of General Entrepreneurial AssociationsCentre for SMEE development, as well as with the Crafts Chamber of Cologne. cooperates with the all bodies and departments, especially with the

The Union's activities are organised and managed by the Union Secretary.

Further information is available at (+381 11) 264 22 77, 264 13 55 ext. 146, as well as on the Chamber web site.

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