Irena Mrdjenovic

e-mail: irena@kombeg.org.rs  
phone: (381 11) 2642 088

Activities of the Centre are the following:

  • Monitoring and analyzing foreign trade at Belgrade level, indicating trends and proposing measures for improvement.
  • Initiating, encouraging and promoting different forms of cooperation of Belgrade’s industry with the international community through cooperation with foreign companies, especially with the view to the increase of exports and development of advanced forms of foreign trade activities.
  • Organizing campaigns for our industry on foreign markets, initiating, establishing and encouraging bilateral and multilateral contacts and cooperation with international organizations.
  • Promoting capabilities of specific Belgrade branches, groups and companies abroad, through different channels of presentation: publications, fairs, exhibits.
  • Establishing firmer business cooperation between Belgrade economy and diaspora.
  • Providing information related to legislation and economic policy of our country.

Favourable ambience for investments

Belgrade is the capital of the Republic of Serbia, and standing as it does, over the confluence of the Rivers Sava and Danube, it occupies a central position on the European continent. Two international waterways, an international airport, the crossroads of Pan-European Corridors 10 and 7, links to the main rail routes and four railway stations make Belgrade the main communications and logistics hub of the region. Connecting Europe with the East as it has done for centuries, and bringing together various cultures and civilisations, Belgrade long ago acquired the title of Gate to the East, Door to the West.

Macroeconomic stability, market size, business costs, low tax rate on companies’ profit, human resources, geographical location and investment infrastructure are the most important of the many reasons why Belgrade is now one of the most attractive locations for business in this part of Europe.


The increasingly favourable business environment in Serbia and Belgrade is based on a stable macroeconomic framework evident by a wide range of positive indicators:

  • GDP growth of 2.4% in 2013;
  • Year-on-year inflation rate 2,2%;
  • High foreign currency reserves – app. 11,188.8 million euro;
  • Public debt in 2013: 61.2% of GDP;
  • Average net salary in December 2013: app. 430 eura;
  • Industrial production growth: 6%


Belgrade offers all investors a high sales potential in international and local markets due to:

  • duty-free access for a large number of industrial and agricultural products to the markets of the European Union, USA, Russia and South-Eastern Europe, which comprise almost one billion people;


In comparison with other countries in the region, operating costs in the capital and the country as a whole are favourable, resulting from:

  • low tax rates, such as corporate income tax of 15%, VAT 8% and 20% and personal income tax of 12%;
  • cheaper utilities and services, such as electricity, gas and water


Investors agree that the quality and cost of labour is one of the key reasons for investing in Belgrade and in Serbia as a whole. Human resources in our country are distinguished by:

  • a high level of productivity, which in manufacturing is increasing  by 11% per annum on average;
  • excellent technical education, which sees a third of the approximately 14,000 graduates each year coming from natural sciences faculties;
  • significantly lower wage contribution costs, equal to less than half of the rates which apply in the new member states of the European Union from Eastern Europe.


Serbia and Belgrade occupy a central geographical location in this part of the continent, thanks to:

  • European Corridors 7 (the Danube River) and 10 (road and rail) connecting Western Europe with the Middle East, which pass through Serbia and meet in Belgrade;
  • common borders with several European Union member states;
  • transport of goods from and to the most important European markets within a short timescale.


As a result of the significant investments made in the last few years, Belgrade is today distinguished by a modern communications and telecommunications infrastructure which comprises amongst other things:

  • easy access to the E75 international motorway and Nikola Tesla International Airport;
  • high-speed Internet links up to 5 Mb/s;

City of Belgrade invests important resources for infrastructure building and construction land planning, and thus offers high-quality locations for building of all types of construction objects. Belgrade local authorities support the investments and facilitate their accessibility and prompt completion.

So, invest in your own business in Belgrade, an official Southern European City of the Future!