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CHAMBERTRUST Seal is an international business trust-mark, that is, a tool in e-business operations of a company that facilitates its access to world marketplace.

The purpose of the CHAMBERTRUST Seal  is to raise the company's level of visibility worldwide and improve its competitiveness.

It is particularly important to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) already involved in or planning to establish cooperation with foreign as well as with local companies.

It is recognized worldwide as an e-business trust-mark.

CHAMBERTRUST Seal is equally beneficial in business operations of both the companies emerging for the first time on the local or international market and the experienced ones wishing to enter new markets.

The main feature of this tool is that is provides valid and applicable information about companies. It is issued for a one year period, with the possibility of extension if the company still fulfills the requirements.  

Which are the authorities behind CHAMBERTRUST Seal?

CHAMBERTRUST Seal has been established by: World Chambers Network (WCN), World Chambers Federation (WCF) and International Chamber of  Commerce (ICC).

Belgrade Chamber of Economy is the first Chamber in the West Balkans licensed to validate applications of the companies from Republic of Serbia that wish to obtain this business trust-mark recognisable worldwide.

Owing to the CARDS Partners «B2B» project and close cooperation with Chamber of Commerce of Paris and WCN, the Belgrade Chamber of Economy has ensured for the companies from S&M very favourable conditions for acquisition of the CHAMBERTRUST Seal, business trust-mark.