''Belgrade is a centre of trade, tourism, industry, banking, education and science, and it is a seat of numerous Government institutions and organisations. Therefore, we must have clearly defined goals of economic and thereby overall social development. In creating the city of the future, a strong and attractive metropolis in the Balkans and in Europe, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, as an inevitable factor in successful performance of our companies, has a special importance and role in defining and reaching those goals.''



''In all successful economies, the efficient chamber of commerce system is one of the crucial provider of directions for economic development and creation of prosperous business environment. The chamber of commerce system in Serbia, after numerous challenges in one of the longest transition processes aimed at creation of a modern market-based economy, is still undergoing adaptation brought by process evolution and reforms, in order to serve best the needs and interests of the business community. To be proactive and to change gradually are important preconditions in ensuring the trust of the members and in developing the base for constant innovation and improvement of the Chamber's activities.''


Vision: Belgrade Chamber of Commerce as an independent, non-biased, public-legal organisation, a recognised leader in initiating and creating the true values for the benefit of the companies and entrepreneurs.

''The vision of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce was defined several years ago when the business entities decidedly showed inclination towards the European business model and expressed their will to strive towards internationalisation, prosperity and continual increase of competitiveness, with help of their representative association, that is, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce.''


Mission: Belgrade Chamber of Commerce – most efficient business association that actively contributes to sustainable economic development and improvement of living standards through professional, efficient and socially responsible services to entrepreneurs and companies.

''In pursuing the mission to become an unavoidable factor in creation of a modern, market-based economy and improvement of investment climate through partnership with the republic, regional and local governments, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce utilizes the best achievements of the partner chambers from the EU, primarily those of Chambers of Commerce of Paris, Hamburg, Milan, International Chamber of Commerce, and Eurochambers.''

''After reduction of public functions, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce expanded the scope of services to its members, enhanced their quality, and put emphasis on internationalization of its members' operations and education at all levels and of all profiles. In addition to partnership relations and cooperation with the City municipalities, City Assembly, and Government of Serbia, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce will continue partnerships, mostly through realisation of mutual projects, with international chambers of commerce, independently or as a member of the Serbian chamber of commerce system.''


Through chamber system, alone, or in cooperation with government and NGO organisations, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce makes continual efforts to promote the corporate social responsibility, business ethics and good business practices.


During two mandates of M.Sc. Milan Janković, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce participated in organisation or supported a great number of economic and cultural events in Belgrade. In recognition of those efforts, the Chamber received the following awards:

  1. The award ’’Golden tourist heart’’ for outstanding contribution to development of tourism, presented by the Centre SACEN International, (2003);
  1. Special acknowledgement of good cooperation extended by the association of citizens ’’Three for Revival’’, (2007);
  1. Award for outstanding contribution to development of schooling and improvement of education system, (2003);
  1. Award for stimulation of creativity and innovative approach among young people ’’Makinova 2002’’, presented by Association of Inventors of Macedonia, (2002);
  1. Award for contribution to the development of automotive industry in Serbia, presented by the Business Association of Serbian Manufacturers of Road Vehicles - PUPDV, (2007);
  1. Diploma ’’Kapetan Miša Anastasijević’’ for the best project in 2006: "Guidelines for doing business with the EU’’, (2006);
  1. Award for contribution to development of modern management, presented by the International Academy of Computer Science and Systems – Kiev, (2006);
  1. Special diploma presented by the Association of Engineers of Serbia, for 140th anniversary of engineering organisations in Serbia, (2008);
  1. ’’300 KRUG’’ Award, (1997);
  1. Acknowledgement of long-term cooperation and extraordinary contribution to accomplishments of goals and tasks of automotive organisation presented by the Automotive Association of Serbia and Montenegro, (2004).


Primary goals of the Chamber:

  • Respected partner to the Government in advocating interests of business community and development of modern, free market economy.
  • Inclusion of economic system of Serbia and therefore of Belgrade as well into international economic developments, through internationalisation of businesses, active participation in the EU integration process, and partnership with the Russian Federation.
  • Belgrade – leader in South-Eastern Europe. Development of Belgrade, capital of Serbia - metropolis and region; attractive to investors; centre of innovations, education, culture, and information technology; business and financial centre based on modern technologies and sophisticated infrastructure; with financial system capable of supporting all types of services; tourist centre offering variety of attractive products.
  • More competitive economy and better standard of living – dynamic, continual and harmonized development and growth, in compliance with the European and world trends and transregional integration flows, based on sustainability, knowledge, human resources development, market-verified quality of goods and services, and development of national brands. Manufacturing sector – promotion of industry re-engineering and improvement of agriculture and processing industry. Belgrade – centre of tertiary services: trade, transport, telecommunications, financial services, tourism and construction.


''Entrepreneurs and companies are the key economic players, being the bearers of risk and market creators. Therefore, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce continuously innovates its portfolio of services for the members, intensively promoting those which are free-of-charge (consulting, education, information). The Chamber closely monitors the development of its member companies in order to meet their changing needs and offer them the adequate form of assistance and cooperation. Joint presentation at the exhibitions and trade fairs in the country and abroad is a continual practice. Free services to members commenced by establishment of the Business Info Centre and were continued in the form of Affinity payment card of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Banca Intesa, and free English language and computer courses. Sophisticated consulting services are available as well, and assistance of the team specialising in project management. In support to SME and entrepreneurship development, the Chamber lowered the rate of membership fees for startups.''


''Development Strategy of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce focuses, above all, on interests of business entities, stimulating climate for entrepreneurship, and innovations, which beside realisation of general interests, aims at strengthening of the sense of belonging to the chamber of commerce system as a credible representative of business community. Cooperation with authorities of all levels, especially local and legislative ones, represents a must in creation of a favourable environment for investments and adoption of the EU standards. Therefore, it is my intention to intensify cooperation with the City Assembly as our closest partner in the context of economic development of Belgrade. Traditionally good relations will be continued and new contacts established with relevant Ministries and local self-governments. Local partners should be involved in realisation of attractive projects and connected with partners from abroad in view of exchange of good practices.''



M.Sc. Milan Janković