President of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce


''Creation and development of the market-based economy in the transition period would not be possible without leaders who affect the essential economic reforms through their everyday actions".

Personal information

Milan Janković was born on April 29, 1956 in Zemun. He holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and master's degree in International Management. Mr. Janković has been serving as a President of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce for seven year now.

He speaks English, Italian, and French.

Mr. Janković has four children.


The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce has become a member of several international organisations in which Mr. Janković acquired significant functions. Some of the organisations are:

  • OECD LEED PARTNERS CLUB (regional economic development)
  • Union of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME Union - EPP Party), Brussels
  • Danube Tourist Commission (potentials of Corridor 7 for development of transport and tourism sectors)
  • Internacional Chamber of Commerce – membership in the ICC World Council


Other functions:

During his mandates, in addition to daily presidential activities in the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Janković has also performed the duties of: 

  • President of the Managing Board of Pension and Disability Insurance Fund of the Republic of Serbia;
  • President of the SECIPRO Committee;
  • member of the Managing Board and Assembly of the Yugoslavian Chamber of Commerce;
  • member of the Managing Board of "Rekord" company;
  • member of the Managing Board of "Poštanska štedionica";
  • member of the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce;
  • member of the Managing Board of the Belgrade Business School;
  • member of the ICC Executive Board.


''Belgrade Chamber of Commerce has become an efficient, proactive, dynamic, and state-of-art institution that proved itself as a leader in providing the value-added services to its members.''

Building capacities of the Chamber:

''By taking an active participation in numerous activities of the Associations and other Chamber's structural units, President Janković has contributed to the creation of new services and information for member companies, as well as to the improved performance of the Associations Boards, that resulted in the increased interest of the members for the Chamber' work.''

Goals of the Chamber :

''The Chamber of Commerce, as an economic association with longest tradition (150 years), has to continue building the strong partnership with the Government. In that way, finding the efficient solutions for the problems faced by the member companies and creation of the conditions for development of the market-based economy would be facilitated, especially in the area concerning preparation and implementation of legislation that regulates the economy.

The particularly important role of the President, as a participant in many international congresses, conferences, forums, and other economy related events, is to disseminate the information about the domestic economy by presiding over the events and delivering lectures, in view of internationalisation of our economy and its promotion on the international level.''