December 4, 2009


The Managing Board of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, at the meeting held on December 4, 2009 unanimously approved the Draft Activity Report for 2009 and the proposed Activity and Financial Plans for 2010, as well as the Decision on determination of base amount, rate, deadlines and ways of payment of membership fees to the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce in 2010.

M.Sc. Milan Janković, President of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, put forward the proposal and the Managing Board members unanimously agreed with appointment of Dragan Vučićević, General Manager of the Sava Center, to the High Economic Council, the members of which are already PhD Mirko Vasiljević, PhD Dragan Đuričin, and Steva Đuranović, President of the Commercial Court. The Sava Center accounts for over 50% of all congresses, trade fairs and cultural events held in Belgrade.

Mr. Vučićević thanked the Board for the given confidence and remarked that the Sava Center was one of the strongest congressional centres in the region that annualy generated profit to Belgrade of 5-6 million EUR from organisation of international events. He also confirmed the committment of the Sava Center to continue mutually benefitial cooperation with the business community of Belgrade as their gathering place and an organiser of  congressess, seminars, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

Steva Đuranović, President of the Belgrade Commercial Court, stressed the necessity of the justice system reform and supported the statement by giving the example of the Belgrade Commercial Court which processes and handles around 60% of all business related disputes in Serbia and which has been operating without major interruption so far. However, as a result of the Regulation on Employment Cuts, out of 257 current employees, 155 should be laid off. Insufficient number of workers will force the Court to operate in a different manner, less effective one, and especially in the trial preparation phase. Therefore, he asked companies from Belgrade to take over certain number of Court employees, if possible and at least temporarily, until finding the appropriate solution for the judical sector.