January 6, 2010
     CORRIDOR   11th


In 2010 Serbia will begin construction of the highway “Belgrade – South Adriatic” on the so-called Corridor 11. The Serbian Government earmarked 20 million EUR for construction of Highway 11 towards the port of Bar in Montenegro in 2010.


Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjić says that Corridor 11 is just a working title of this highway,

because there are already 10 corridors in Europe. Minister Mrkonjić also explains that 60.000 Italian companies, mostly from Sicily, are already working on this corridor in Romania, because it is very important for them.

This corridor will connect Timisoara – Vršac – Belgrade – Čačak, possibly Ivanjica – Boljare – Bar – Bari.

Since Italy and Romania are members of the European Union, they will propose this project to the European Commission for investment, hoping that it will be considered as one of the Union's priorities and that Serbia will be able to acquire funding for this purpose from the European banks and the World Bank.