This year's yield of wheat in Serbia is estimated at 1.8 to 2 million tons which should be, together with the quantity in stock, enough to satisfy the domestic demand and leave several hundred thousand tons for export.
In spite of heavy rainfalls, the harvest results have been satisfactory (completed on over 60% of territory in whole Serbia and around 80% in Vojvodina) – 3.4 to 3.5 tons per ha, from total of 570,000 ha planted with wheat in Serbia, that is, 3.8 to 4 tons per ha in Vojvodina.
The yield of bread wheat was somewhat lower than last years' average and much lower than in 2008, but when taking into account the agrotechnics applied, bad weather and other natural conditions, there are still reasons for satisfaction. The quality of new wheat has remained good, except on around 10% of fields where the plants dried up before rain.
The harvest will be completed this week, except in mountainous and hilly areas.