May 11, 2010


In order to improve economic cooperation between Serbia and Romania, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce organized the roundtable "DOING BUSINESS WITH ROMANIA".

Numerous representatives of Serbian business community had the opportunity to hear the presentation of Ms Ralu - Catalina Cereceanu, Economic Councilor of the Embassy of Romania, who acquainted them with Rumanian economic potentials.

Mr. Dusan Zarubica, Economic Councilor in Serbian Embassy in Bucharest presented bilateral relations of the two countries, emphasizing there are new possibilities for economic cooperation, due to the excellent diplomatic relations. He presented figures related to economic exchange, and pointed out main problems jeopardizing further development of the cooperation – negative consequences of the global crisis, underdeveloped transport infrastructure, lack of DFI...

In order to increase the economic exchange, Serbia and Romania should focus on following sectors: hydro energetic, oil and natural gas transportation, chemical, agriculture, transportation and construction industries.