President of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, MSc Milan Janković, and the Chamber’s delegation including Mr. Velimir Vukadin, President of SA SME (Serbian Association of SMEs), Ms. Jovana Ninković, European Integration Coordinator, Goran Perčević, General Manager of Interkomerc and Toplica Spasojević, General Manager of ITM, visited Mr. Thierry Mariani, Secretary for International Relations at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
On that occasion President of the Belgrade Chamber used the opportunity to show the readiness of Belgrade and Serbian business community to enter EU as soon as possible and to present survey results showing that great majority of Belgrade and Serbian business people are interested in entering the EU and intensifying business activities with the EU countries.
Thierry Mariani is a member of the European Parliament and a member of Commission in charge for monitoring the readiness of Serbia (and Croatia) to enter the EU. In the next few months, after visiting Serbia, he will present several reports, assessing the readiness of Serbia and its institutions to enter the EU. Mr. Mariani expressed his personal wish for Serbia to enter the EU as soon as possible but he pointed out that it depends only on Serbia and its respect of the EU standards.        
He also expressed the appreciation of the Chamber’s efforts in enhancing business ties between business communities from Paris and Belgrade, i.e. France and Serbia.