October 21, 2009


Russia has approved the request of Serbia for financial assistance through loan package worth a billion dollars. Details of the Russian loan should be agreed upon the next meeting;  200 million dollars of the total amount was intended for the Serbian budget.

The Russian Minister for the Emergency Situations  Sergei  Shoigu said that the credit for financing the infrastructure projects related to rail, and other projects, are very important for the Serbian economy. Mr. Boris Tadić, president of the Republic of Serbia says that the president of the Russian Federation Mr. Dmitri Medvedev received positive response regarding the request of Serbia for credit support and the South Stream gas pipeline project. “We encountered a positive response to the President of the Russian Federation and the Russian government as well, regarding our application for credit support to Serbia, but also jointly participate in South Stream project”, said Tadić.
Also, according to Tadić’s words, there is the possibility of building new port facilities on the Danube, as well as new investments in the energy domain.