The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce started a new year by taking part in a humanitarian event, wishing to provide help to those most in need – the children. The traditional gathering of the Belgraders and guests was in the Svetogorska Street, in front of the Theatre ''Atelje 212''. As every year, a humanitarian event was organized within the “Open heart street” manifestation. Its purpose was to collect financial help for children in foster families in the village of Miloševac. The action was supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Belgrade City Assembly, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade Tourist Organisation, Theatre ''Atelje 212''.


The Belgrade Chamber of Commerce invited all domestic companies, in spite of the last year economic crises, to dispose of the affordable amount in favour of the foster children in Miloševac and make it possible for them to experience the beauty of a decorated Christmas tree, family gathering on Christmas Eve, and to have joyful and careless future. The companies that responded affirmatively were: ''Transportšped'', ''Interkomerc'', ''Visan'', ''AIK Banka'', ''Securitas Services'', ''Banka Intesa'', ''Weg Technology'', ''Hypo Alpe Adria Bank'', ''Luka Beograd'', ''Konsing Group'', ''Euromoda'', and others. On January 1, the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce hosted a traditional lunch in the restaurant ''Srpska kafana'' for donors, representatives of the supporting institutions, media, and prominent persons who somehow contributed by their work to the welfare of Belgrade. The guests were warmly welcomed and served lunch by the well-known actors of the ''Atelje 212'' Theatre.

On January 5th, representatives of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, and actors of ''Atelje 212'' visited the foster children in Miloševac to deliver the Christmas presents and donated funds to the Centre for Foster Children in Miloševac. Ever since 1931, families from Miloševac have raised more than 4500 children without parental care. Today, 180 children are placed in 116 foster families, 80 of them being with the special needs. Due to its long lasting fostering practice, the village of Miloševac has become a place in which there are no difference between the children born there and those taken by foster families.