The Association of Transportation and Telecommunication, in Cooperation with Ministry of Finances – Customs Administration,
organized the session “Simplified custom procedures for importation and exportation of goods”.

 The Secretary of the Association of Transportation and Telecommunication, MSc Dragan Stefanovic emphasized that the session will surely improve the cooperation between business operators and Customs Administration. Simplified custom procedures were adopted in order to promote regional cooperation and the cooperation with the EU countries. The adjustment to new working conditions will contribute to the competition increase of national companies on world markets.


The President of the Board of the Association of Transportation and telecommunications, Mr. Branislav Bacovic, General Manager of Transportsped company, emphasized the importance of such procedures, saying that the quantity of required time is very important factor in transportation sector.


Mr. Veselin Milosevic – Head of Department for custom issues and border formalities and the President of Working Group for simplification of custom procedures, presented the activities of Customs Administration. The simplified custom procedures are being implemented since March 1st 2009, as a result of harmonization of national regulations with the EU legislative. At this time, three procedures are being used: simplified custom procedure in importation, simplified custom procedure in exportation and the possibility to acquire the status of “authorized exporter”. The implementation of fourth procedure, related to the companies with express delivery services is expected. The new Law on Custom Procedures should be adopted in few months. In that sense, Mr. Milosevic proposed to business operators to get actively involved in drafting sub-Acts, in order to define the solutions to the problems they are dealing with.


The representatives of the companies Transportsped, Poste Srbije, Z.I.T. Belgrade, Institute “Kirilo Savic”, TIR komerca, etc. also participated in  discussion.


Belgrade Chamber of Commerce– Association of Transportation and Telecommunications will pursue the cooperation with Customs Administration, in order to create more favorable economic environment.