At its 6th meeting held on 23 February 2010, the BCC Managing Board approved the Draft Financial Report for 2009 and reached the Decision on financing, advocating, promoting and networking of the Belgrade companies with EU business associations located in Brussels. Also, the Decision on appointment of jury president and members for the BCC Annual Award  was approved. Jury president is PhD Milan Janković, President of the BCC, while the members are: Stevan Nikčević, Toplica Spasojević, Predrag Ćurčić, Đorđe Vučinić, and Ivana Zeljković.

According to data provided by Mrs. Danica Vasiljević, Deputy Director of the National Employment Office, there were 751,590 unemployed in January 2010, which is 2.9% more than in December 2009. In comparison to October 2008 when the economic crises started, the number of the unemployed by 34,182. The period between February and May 2009 was marked by certain decrease of unemployment rate, but it started to grow again in December. The alarming fact is that 481,929 persons, or 64.12% of the unemployed have been waiting for a job for over a year. In terms of age, the most of them (13.01%), are between 25 to 29 years old, while even 30% of all unemployed persons have only elementary school diploma. Most of the unemployed are registered in Belgrade, 94,170 in total, but the average unemployment rate in Belgrade municipalities is still lower than in the rest of Serbia. During 2010, the initiatives for subsidized employment will continue to be in place, through programmes for which applying will be possible until the end of March. First of all, it is the 1.8 billion RSD programme for volunteers and interns, which is compulsory for employers and should provide employment to 16,000 persons. Also, there is a programme supporting creation of new jobs, self-employment (160,000 RSD individual grants), and 700 million RSD for support to public works.

Zlatan Dimitrijević, acting president of the Belgrade Commercial Court remarked that the number of employed in this Court has been reduced since the beginning of 2010 by 100. Also, out of 64 judges only 40 remained working, that is, one fourth of 160 judges in all commercial courts in Serbia, in spite of the fact that this Court processes 53% of all business related cases in Serbia. The new Law on Bankruptcy proposes faster bankruptcy procedure, commencing upon authorised creditor's proposal,  which was not the case before when the debtor was in somewhat privileged position.

Mrs. Ivana Zeljković, Secretary General of the BCC presented to the present the report on the project „Improving organisation and systematization of jobs in the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce“.