Representatives of the Government, economic experts and businessmen met traditionally on 17th Business Forum, in order to exchange experiences and opinions on Serbian economy, economic politics measures for economic development and GDP target growth of at least 2%. They also talked about development policy that will contribute to the future sustainable development of GDP with annual growth rate of 6%.
Prime Minister Cvetkovic pointed out the most important challenges of the Government in 2010 are: saving jobs, growth of economic activities and domestic demand and macroeconomic stability. The objectives of the Government are: increase of employment rate, stability of domestic currency, decrease in public spending and the promotion of fiscal discipline.
The representatives of the Government estimate the State should not go further into debts this year. Instead, already acquired loan assets should be activated, together with the capital gained through the privatization of large systems, and invested in infrastructural projects, which would activate construction industry and create new jobs. It is also planed to pursue the program of subsidized loans and to stimulate general spending in order to influence economic growth. The Minister of Finances, Ms Diana Dragutinovic, announced the tax reform that would lead to budget growth, employment rate increase and burden the economy to realistic extent. At the Panel "Geo-economic perspective", the ambassadors of Russia, US, Germany, Italy, Greece and Austria, agreed that Serbian companies should profit from gradual ending of crisis, as well as from the new constellation of economic relations, in order to attract foreign companies to invest in Serbia and to jointly appear on third markets. They also emphasized Serbia should pursue its transition path and legislative harmonization, which is the basis for intensification of international cooperation and WTO and EU accession.