Belgrade Chamber of Commerce Management Board Meeting was attended by numerous business people, representatives of regional chambers of commerce and Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia and Minister of the Interior, Ivica Dačić.

Mr. Dačić delivered the introductory speech on „National security as important factor in creation of favorable business environment in Serbia and the region “.

In his address he pointed out economic aspects of national security stated in the National Security Strategy and other risks such as organized crime, corruption, money laundry, financing terrorist actions, human trafficking etc.

Protection of national values and European integrations are of national interest, as stated in the National Security Strategy, thus our country has to adjust and fulfill the requirements necessary for membership in the EU. That includes creation of relevant institutions, harmonization of Serbian and EU legislation, as well as cooperation of all state institutions, within their own jurisdiction, in fight against security challenges and risks. For all the stated reasons, and the fact that only economically strong country is stable, Serbia is undergoing an intensive process of transition, as pointed out by Minister Dačić.
Numerous strategic and legislative proposals regarding fight against organized crime, corruption, financial crime, money laundry and financing terrorism have been already accepted, as well as Action plans, which are in the process of implementation. Minister Dačić especially pointed out the importance of cooperation between public and private sector on this matter.
Beside the role the National Security has in creation of favorable business environment, Minister stressed the importance of its dependence on regional and global security framework. Regional cooperation in fight against security threats is of crucial importance, and Serbia, as important factor in regional security, has an important role in creation of secure environment which will enable stable economic growth.

 In the end, Minister Dačić stressed that successful business activities of companies are of crucial importance for security of Serbia while the stable security conditions are necessary for successful business performance.

Numerous questions of the participants referred also to Government matters and State politics. Conclusion of Minister Dačić was that the concept of neoliberal capitalism disappeared because it was unreal and that it is necessary to follow direction of the world economy, and that the world economic crisis changed the perception of decision makers because failure of economy means failure of political elite. He stressed the importance of synchronized government actions as a whole, as well as cooperation of all institutions.