OECD support to SMEs

High-level delegation from the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce (BCC), including President of the Chamber M.Sc. Milan Janković, Director of ITM, Mr. Toplica Spasojević, General Manager of Interkomerc, Mr. Goran Perčević, President of SASME (Serbian Association of SMEs), Mr. Velimir Vukadin, and Coordinator for European Intergrations in the BCC, Jovana Ninković, had a number of very successful meetings, in view of providing support to Serbian SMEs in positioning on the EU market. In talks with Director of OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development, Mr. Sergio Arzeni, Mr. Janković, as President of the BCC and Honorary President of the SASME, pointed out the importance of OECD support to SMEs from Belgrade and Serbia.

It has been agreed to expand the scope of the BCC participation beyond OECD LEED Partner Club programmes for regional economic development (where Serbia, although not the OECD member, participate under equal conditions as regular members), to include other programmes implemented by this OECD Centre.  Cooperation in the field of education and publishing has been arranged already. The BCC is to become a partner in publishing the OECD books and publications, known for being among the most relevant sources of information to be used by business operators and statesmen. OECD publications related to management, reports and analysis, macroeconomic indicators, and recommendations will be in future published in Serbian as well, by the BCC and OECD in partnership.

OECD will focus more in future on needs of the SMEs in Serbia and Belgrade, so as soon as on October 21, they will be included in a seminar in Udine, as well as in trainings held at the OECD Training Centre in Trento.

OECD will also take a role of the BCC partner and co-organiser of an international conference in Belgrade that is scheduled for November 21, 2009.